The Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust was established in September 1983 in memory of Anthony Rothe, the only child of Pat and Elizabeth Rothe.

Anthony Rothe was born on 2 November 1938 and died from leukaemia on 24 September 1959 aged 20. His illness was diagnosed early in his life but he lived a normal family and school life, despite the knowledge of his terminal illness.

The Trust provides funds to non-profit hospitals, public benevolent institutions or public authorities engaged in research into the causes, prevention, treatment or cure of leukaemia and allied blood disorders.

While the Trust in its early years only had small resources it received substantial funds under the wills of Elizabeth Rothe who died on 14 January 1990 and Pat Rothe who died on 29 November 1992.

Since 1994 the Trust has provided over ten million dollars in research grants and scholarships.

All applications for grants are reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Committee who make recommendations to the trustees on the grants to be awarded.

While the Trust does not actively solicit funds from the public, donations are gratefully accepted. Public notification is made when funds are available for distribution and applications for grants will then be accepted.

The Trustees of the Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust invite applications for project grant funding to support research in a University, or affiliated Public Hospital or Public Benevolent institution in New South Wales

  • into the causes
  • prevention
  • treatment and cure

of leukemia and allied blood disorders. Grants of up to $130,000 per annum will be considered for salaries for research workers and maintenance costs for research projects in the areas outlined above. Grants will be awarded for one to two years.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 30th August 2024.

Further information is available from:

The Secretary
Anthony Rothe Memorial  Trust
C/- Brigden & Partners
GPO Box 2564