Important information for applicants

Applications are now called for funding of research projects in leukemia and related blood and bone marrow cancers in 2025. Research must be conducted in research institutes or public hospitals in New South Wales. The closing date for applications is Friday 30th August 2024; no applications will be accepted after this date.

Information on conditions of award of research grants and instructions for preparations of applications for funding are provided in the “Guidelines” document available on this page; please read these instructions carefully.

The format for preparation of applications should be followed exactly; failure to provide all information requested may invalidate an application. The final application must be converted into PDF format prior to uploading for submission.

Please note that investigators are not permitted to hold more than one grant concurrently.

Please note that the certification page provided must be completed and signed by all parties concerned, then scanned and uploaded for submission.

Closing date for applications: 30th August 2024


Application Form