Current Grants & Projects

Currently Funded Research Grants 2015-2016

1. Dr Julie Thoms and Dr Dominick Beck, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of New South Wales:
“Investigating the oncogenic role of erg in human leukaemia”.

2. Professor Richard Lock and Associate Professor Shelli McAlpine, Childrens Cancer Insitute Australia, Randwick:
“A novel class of glucocorticoid-sensitising compounds in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia”.

Currently Funded Research Grants 2016-2017

1. Dr Jenny Wang, Childrens Cancer Institute Australia, Randwick:

“Developing a novel therapeutic strategy for leukaemia stem cell eradication”.

2. Dr. Ashwin Unnikrishnan, Lowy Research Centre, University of New South Wales:

“Improving the response to AZA therapy in MDS andCMML”

Currently Funded Research Grants 2017-2018

1. Dr Toby Trahair, Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Childrens Hospital, Randwick:

“Better outcomes for childhood and adolescent ALL project (BOCAAP)”

2. Dr Michelle Henderson, Childrens Cancer Institute, Randwick:

Targeting FACT to improve treatment success for high-risk leukaemia in children”.

Currently funded research grants 2018-2019

Dr Dominik Beck, University of Technology, Sydney

“Targeting leukemia-specific regulatory elements for the treatment of high risk AML”

Currently funded research grants 2019-2020

1. Professors John Pimanda and Richard Lock, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW

Generating patient derived MDS xenografts for pre-clinical drug testing

2. Dr Alla Dolnikov, Childrens Cancer Institute, Sydney Childrens Hospital

Development of allogeneic CART cell therapies for B cell malignancies

Currently funded research grants 2020-2021

1. Dr Bellamy Cheung and Professor Glenn Marshall

Molecular Carcinogenesis Program, Children’s Cancer Institute, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of NSW
Targeting PA2G4 as a novel treatment strategy for leukaemia and lymphoma

2. Dr Charles de Bock

Children’s Cancer Institute University of New South Wales

The mutant JAK3-driven spliceosome in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

3. Associate Professor Georgina Clark

Dendritic Cell Research, ANZAC Research Institute Gate 3 Hospital Road, Concord

CD300f-Antibody Drug Conjugate to Improve Haematopoietic Cell Transplants in AML

4. Dr Vivien Chen and Associate Professor William Stevenson

Department of Haematology, Concord Hospital

A novel predictor of thrombosis in myeloproliferative neoplasm

Currently funded research grants 2021-3

Professor John Pimanda

Lowy Institute, UNSW

Targeting the bone marrow microenvironment to improve outcomes in MDS

Professor Richard Lock

Childrens Cancer Institute, UNSW

Mechanisms of sensitivity to novel AKR1C3-activated prodrugs in paediatric leukaemia

Currently funded research grants 2022-3

Professor Gooding

School of Chemistry, UNSW

Biosensors for the sensitive detection of leukemia in liquid biopsies

Dr Thoms

Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW

Elucidating mechanisms of drug resistance in MDS at single cell resolution

Dr Connerty

Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW

Identifying novel therapies to target stem cells in paediatric leukemia

Currently funded research grants 2023-4

Dr Greenwood

Department of Haematology, Royal North Shore Hospital

Immune signatures predicting response and toxicity to BiTE therapy in AYA ALL

Dr Wang

Kolling Building, University of Sydney

Biomarkers for a new therapy in treating poor prognosis leukemia