Current Grants & Projects

Currently Funded Research Grants 2015-2016

1. Dr Julie Thoms and Dr Dominick Beck, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of New South Wales:
“Investigating the oncogenic role of erg in human leukaemia”.

2. Professor Richard Lock and Associate Professor Shelli McAlpine, Childrens Cancer Insitute Australia, Randwick:
“A novel class of glucocorticoid-sensitising compounds in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia”.

Currently Funded Research Grants 2016-2017

1. Dr Jenny Wang, Childrens Cancer Institute Australia, Randwick:

“Developing a novel therapeutic strategy for leukaemia stem cell eradication”.

2. Dr. Ashwin Unnikrishnan, Lowy Research Centre, University of New South Wales:

“Improving the response to AZA therapy in MDS andCMML”

Currently Funded Research Grants 2017-2018

1. Dr Toby Trahair, Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Childrens Hospital, Randwick:

“Better outcomes for childhood and adolescent ALL project (BOCAAP)”

2. Dr Michelle Henderson, Childrens Cancer Institute, Randwick:

Targeting FACT to improve treatment success for high-risk leukaemia in children”.

Currently funded research grants 2018-2019

Dr Dominik Beck, University of Technology, Sydney

“Targeting leukemia-specific regulatory elements for the treatment of high risk AML”


Currently funded research grants 2019-2020

1. Professors John Pimanda and Richard Lock, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW

Generating patient derived MDS xenografts for pre-clinical drug testing


2. Dr Alla Dolnikov, Childrens Cancer Institute, Sydney Childrens Hospital

Development of allogeneic CART cell therapies for B cell malignancies